Aspects of My Life


I love going around cons dressed as characters! I feel more myself when I'm in costume than when I'm hiding behind my mundane work clothes.

Check out my BeanyThing Cosplay page!

Aces and Aced It!

What successful single woman hasn't at one point been asked "when are you going to find a husband and settle down?"

After years of not ever looking (and not caring) about finding a husband, I realized I was an aromantic asexual. Then came the next hard question: how does one measure success in her life when she has no intention of finding a husband or having children? And thus a show was born- not because I knew the answer, but because I asked the question.

Check out my short comedic films about asexuals surviving in a hyper-sexual world.

Fan Fiction

I've been slowly collecting my fanfic on and have over 50 stories. I have two usernames there: valeriebean and slashbean. The first account has canon pairings and general fiction, the second has slash pairings. Ratings are G to NC-17, and marked for each story. I've written for the following fandoms:
valeriebean: Firefly
 Big Bang Theory
 The New Normal
slashbean: Stargate Atlantis


These are external links to people and resources who have helped me in my journey. I am not responsible for maintaining page content at the target sites.

Frostbite Publishing
These guys have been super-helpful in giving me timely, thoughtful beta reads. They also do proofreading and formatting.

Bob Greenberger - editor, etc.
Met this guy at a sci-fi convention writer panel and am now enjoying his freelance editing services

Cover Design by James,
This guy does pre-made and custom book covers. I gave him a notion, and he returned brilliance.

Alissa Juvan - marketing
Wonderful marketing help and assistance.

Vicki Rose - Platinum Book Reviews an Promotions
More wonderful marketing help.